Why are we not surprised Microsoft did this? The whole video rips off Apple’s multi-touch gestures and the fonts used on the devices are so crisp and clean, just like on a Mac. At the end of the video, it says “Made with Microsoft Office”. Since when does Office do motion graphics? Oh wait, there’s Powerpoint, but I sincerely doubt that video was done using it. Compare Corning’s video below and leave a comment to tell us what you think? Now, just to let you know, I have been a devoted Microsoft platform developer for years, but once I switched to the Mac, I began to see how my once beloved software company had copied many of the features found on a Mac in Windows 7 and even more so in Windows 8 and on their mobile devices. I truly wish they would become innovators like Apple and not just copy good ideas.

Now a take on the content. Both of these videos show where we are supposedly headed with technology and how people will use it in the near future. I really like the community aspect Microsoft shows; especially how easy it is to donate to a cause and see how others have contributed within a real-time mobile context. I like the collaboration scenes too. Think of how this might revolutionize World communication, when people from multiple countries can communicate with real-time language translation and manipulation of data on screen.

There are so many possibilities that these videos demonstrate. Let’s all hope that at least some of them comes true and that the future looks as beautiful as the interfaces in these videos.

Corning’s – A Day Made of Glass